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Our Story Teaching Girls

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Santa Maria College: We Educate Girls!

Girls learn and grow because they are known

Wominjeka - Welcome

Santa Maria College is a progressive Catholic secondary school for girls.

Established in Northcote in 1904 by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, Santa Maria has a long tradition of empowering girls and young women to be fearless in their learning, to stand together on issues of equity, diversity and justice, and to take their rightful place in society.

At Santa Maria we understand girls!

Our Story Teaching Girls

For over one hundred years Santa Maria College has provided girls with the knowledge, skills and confidence to build lives and establish careers of significance.

When the Good Samaritan Sisters first came to Northcote in 1904 they brought with them a pioneering perspective.

Modelling independence, the pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to service, the Sisters inspired generations of Santa girls to push boundaries and to achieve beyond traditional expectations.

The vision of the Sisters is embodied in the college motto, Dare to do as much as you are able.  

This culture of knowing girls, of believing in their potential, of supporting them to achieve their dreams and make their unique contribution to the world is the bedrock of our college.