Three Villages

Year 11/12 Village

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The senior program in the Year 11-12 Village integrates learning, wellbeing and spiritual growth within a broad range of innovative opportunities.

The skills of self-management and independent learning enable our senior students to confidently embrace their chosen pathway.

The sense of community is strong in the senior village, and girls exercise leadership as an act of service and animation within the student body.

Girls are well prepared for the complex and fast-paced world beyond graduation.

Students leave Santa Maria College ready to pursue their passions and make their distinctive contribution to the workplace and the world.


An integral part of your daughter’s journey at Santa Maria is engagement with the life of the Christian story. The lens we draw on to encounter the message and values of the Gospel is the charism of the Good Samaritan Sisters.

Prayer & Liturgy

In the Year 11-12 Village, prayer and liturgical experiences integrate the Benedictine values of contemplation and action. Our senior girls are invited to:

  • deepen their reflection on their own gifts and capabilities
  • engage with the world as agents of change
  • become advocates for the common good

Faith in Action experience

In Year 11, Faith in Action has two key components:

  • Street Retreat - a day and evening program designed to raise awareness of homelessness and of those living on the margins of our society.
  • Philippines Immersion Experience - a journey to Bacolod City where the Good Samaritan Sisters run a kinder school and women’s centre.

Social and Earth Justice

Students in the Year 11-12 Village play a key role in engaging the whole student body in justice-based initiatives. With a particular focus on refugees and asylum seekers, climate change and environmental leadership, girls explore the interface between principled values and public witness. They lead and participate in such things as:

  • Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees
  • Circle of Silence - whole school action for asylum seekers and refugees
  • Schools Strike for Climate