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Santa Maria College SantaLink School Fees Raffle

Winners Announced

1              Suzie Jevtic                        

2              Jennifer Allen                  

3              Gianni Ciarma                  

4              Sean Mallini      

6              Stephen Harford            

7              Arthur Koulouris              

8              Sally Woodhouse            

9              Maureen Moriarty          

10           George Dowsey

11           Maria Erhardt-Rumpe  

12           Niamh Moloney

Promoting a strong, compassionate College community

On behalf of SantaLink, the Santa Maria College Parents’ Association, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all College families.

SantaLink is an integral part of the Santa Maria College community and primarily focuses on nurturing community spirit and bridging the gap between school and home. This is promoted through our activities and events and funded via minor fundraising.

I encourage you to consider becoming involved with SantaLink and invite you to attend one of our monthly meetings, held at the College on the second Tuesday of the month. This provides a rewarding opportunity for you to become involved in your child’s education and development, actively participate as a member of the College community and meet other parents.

On behalf of the Parents’ Association, we look forward to your support by either becoming a member of SantaLink or through participating in and attending organised events.

Play a vital part in your daughter’s education – join SantaLink!

Please contact us via the College on 9488 1630 or email.

Veronica Graham
SantaLink President