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Having a strong past student body is not only important for recognising the achievements of the past but also for maintaining the Santa Spirit which binds our girls to their former classmates and teachers. The fine example of excellence exhibited by our past students encourages our present students to take pride in our history and to understand the importance of their role as women of the future.

Alumnae of Santa Maria never lose their interest in or love of the College. We currently have almost 6,000 past students and staff on our Past Students’ Register. Membership is automatic for all those leaving the school. Santa Maria Old Collegians Association (SMOCA) members receive a newsletter twice a year and there is also a reunion held each year.

The College is currently looking into more ways to ensure the Alumnae remain a major force within the College, such as through mentoring and attending as guest speakers, awards and scholarships for our current students..

Many current students have mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters who attended Santa Maria College and this truly adds to the spirit of community within the school.


Santa Maria College invites past Collegians to contribute in the following ways:

  • Offering a student Work Experience
  • Speak to a Careers gathering about a chosen field
  • Contribute a story to the Alumnae publication (SMOCA)
  • Attend a Talk & Tour with the Principal to tour the College and view our progress
  • Donate items or photos to the Archives collection (photos can be scanned and returned)
  • Make suggestions about Alumnae involvement