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Future Directions

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We are excited to share the vision for the Santa Maria of tomorrow, allowing the next generation of Santa students to achieve growth and success in modern, creative and functional spaces.

STAGE 1  - Chapel Refurbishment Under Construction

The extension to the Chapel will provide a new glazed foyer overlooking the lawn with views across the campus. The foyer will allow the Chapel to increase its seating capacity to more comfortably seat a whole year level. Materials and architectural design are in keeping with the original architecture of the Chapel. Elements of the existing building will be upgraded including replacing windows to increase natural light, views to the landscape and improve natural ventilation.

New landscaping and seating tiers in the grassed lawn area will provide more usable passive space for students.

Stage 2 - Year 9 and 10 Village New Building

This new, state of the art facility will be the hub for our Year 9 and 10 Village. A facility that blends indoor and outdoor spaces offering connection country, with flexible learning spaces that allow our students to connect and create.