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At Santa Maria, music students are part of a supportive and collaborative 'family' that encourages and motivates each girl in every step of her creative journey. Members of the Music Department believe in the potential for musical excellence that lies within each person. 

The Year 7 Music Exploration Program 

Situated within the compulsory curriculum in Year 7, this program allows students to explore the foundational elements of music and road test a range of musical instruments. 

The Music Curriculum

The music curriculum across Years 7-10 encourages students to be creative, express themselves through performance, and build knowledge in areas such as analysis, music theory and aural concepts. This creates a solid platform for VCE Music Assessment and a range of in-house and local community performance opportunities. 

Students are able to:

  • compose their own music
  • notate and record using industry standard notation
  • upskill using music production software
  • explore musical experiences that are dynamic and innovative
  • participate in high profile performance opportunities

Private and ensemble group tuition is available across 21 musical instruments. These include:

  • strings
  • keyboard
  • drums
  • brass
  • voice
  • woodwind
  • guitars

Since the beginnings of the College, music has been at the heart of the Santa Maria experience. This long tradition continues with a music program that is as alive and vibrant as ever!