Three Villages

Year 11/12 Village

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The Year 11-12 Village has a strong focus on leadership - leadership within and beyond the college community. Wellbeing at this level incorporates a growing sense of agency and self-confidence within our senior students. Identifying their own gifts and contributing to the common good enables our students to move into the next phase of their lives as outward-facing community builders.

Our Year 11-12 students participate in two key programs:

  • the College Pastoral Program
  • the Seminar Program (year 12)

As young women confident in their own voice and cognisant of the integrated aspects of wellbeing, our senior girls work collaboratively with staff and peers to enhance wellbeing throughout the school. They lead:

  • Village and College assemblies
  • House assemblies and celebrations days
  • Sports carnivals and recreation activities
  • Music and arts events