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The Village Model

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3 Villages, 1 Community

The Village Model. In 2016 the College moved to a new structure that is unique to Santa Maria. Students become members of smaller Village communities, increasing their sense of belonging and opportunities for age-appropriate leadership and participation.

Year 7 & 8 Village
Year 9 & 10 Village
Year 11 & 12 Village

Each Village is overseen by a team of Village Leaders who have specific responsibilities in areas of Faith, Learning and Wellbeing. Each Village is designed to be responsive to the developmental needs of students as they move through adolescence to young adulthood. The Village Model embodies the concept of guardianship for all and by all. 

The Village Model ensures students:

  • are known as unique individuals
  • feel a sense of belonging so that they can learn
  • unlock their full potential as learners in all facets of life