Three Villages

Year 7/8 Village

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In the Year 7-8 Village wellbeing is centred around each student finding their place and knowing they belong; to their Homeroom, their House, their Village and the College community. This deep sense of belonging allows students to feel confident and step into new learning and co-curricular experiences. Some of these include:

  • personal development lessons within homeroom groups
  • Village, House and College assemblies
  • education in positive and healthy relationships
  • physical and artistic pursuits - competitive or recreational

One of the highlights of the Wellbeing Program in both Years 7 and 8 is the camp program.

  • Year 7 Camp - a two-day off campus experience that encourages new friendships and connects students with one another, their teachers and their Houses.
  • Year 8 Camp - a two-day activity and team building camp that provides opportunities to push personal boundaries, show leadership and increase student confidence in themselves and in their peers.  

Secondary school presents exciting opportunities to explore new ideas and expand horizons. Girls at Santa are known, welcomed and celebrated as unique and diverse individuals.