Three Villages

Year 9/10 Village

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In the Year 9-10 Village the Middle Years Program is designed for further exploration and consolidation.

MYP Breadth and Depth

Students gain insight into their strengths as learners and identify their preferred learning styles.

They apply their developing skills to all foundation subjects within the curriculum but also begin to exercise choice and agency in their learning.

MYP Personalised Learning

Electives offered in both year levels invite students to explore particular interests and to begin to personalise their learning experience.

These elective options complement foundation subjects and transition to pathways in the Year 11-12 Village.

MYP Integrated Learning

A standout feature of the MYP at the Year 9-10 level is the Personal Project. Considered the centrepiece of the MYP, the Personal Project develops the confidence of students as principled, lifelong learners.

This independent investigation synthesises student learning and celebrates the skills each girl has developed throughout her 4 year MYP journey.

Year 9 Studies


Year 10 Studies

Year 10 Extension Units

Year 10 Electives

Santa Maria students graduate the MYP as energised, engaged young women, confidently shaping their learning pathway into the Year 11-12 Village.

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