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It is with a great sense of pride that we congratulate the class of 2022 on their VCE and VCAL success and achievement. 

The class of 2022 completed VCE and VCAL in the most turbulent and unprecedented of times. With the majority of their senior years impacted by a global pandemic and learning from home, these students have faced an incredible amount of hurdles and challenges as they completed their secondary education here at Santa Maria College. Although lockdowns were not part of the narrative throughout the 2022 academic year, these students experienced VCE and VCAL amongst mandated isolation periods, waves of COVID-19 and constant change and interruption to their schedules. All of this was without the VCAA concessions that were made in 2020 and 2021 for previous Year 12 cohorts.  As we share with you just some of the individual success stories,  we collectively congratulate each and every student for their personal achievement and growth during unprecedented times. 

We recognise the hard work and dedication of all students, and celebrate that these efforts will enable further opportunities for lifelong learning and personal growth. 

Santa Maria College VCE Success Stories 

We congratulate Diva Chaudhary  with an ATAR of 98.95 as the College Dux. We also congratulate Mia Dunstone as Dux Secundus with an ATAR of 98.5.

Diva’s passion for STEM is evident in her scores above 40 in Physics and Psychology. A love of language is demonstrated in her scores in English and Japanese - 47 and 42 respectively. We are incredibly proud of Diva’s achievements. Diva held the position of Learning Captain and teachers describe Diva as a committed and passionate student. 

Mia’s incredible efforts include a score of over 40 in 5 subjects. Her passion for the Arts and Humanities has been evident in her involvement and leadership in College Productions and through her studies of English Language, Literature, Mathematical Methods, Media and Psychology. Mia held the position of Environment Captain and was described by her teachers as a dedicated and passionate learner.

We celebrate and congratulate the breadth of accomplishment of our 2022 graduates, including: 

  • Lily Galanis  who achieved a perfect score of 50 in Product Design and Technology 
  • Mia Dunstone with a study score of 49 in Media Studies 
  • Diva Chaudhary  with a study score 49 in Psychology
  • A median ATAR of 74.40
  • 39% of students received an ATAR over 80 
  • Subjects where students  received scores of 45 and above include:




Product Design and Technology 


Studio Arts

  •  A score of 40 and above in 70% of subjects offered was achieved
  • 100% VCE completion 
  • 69 Year 11 students completed a Unit 3 - 4 Accelerated subject 

VCE and VCAL results are just one measure of success. These results provide only one aspect of a student’s academic performance and learning journey at Santa Maria College. Equally important aspects of student life at Santa Maria College are the kindness and friendship students offer one another, the passion and joy they have injected into our community adding to the Santa Spirit, and the moments of hardship and challenge they have faced. Behind every number and data set are human stories of determination, courage and a commitment to personal excellence. Stories of love and support from parents, guardians and families who nurtured each student across 13 years of education. We commend our Year 12 families for raising outstanding young people who will positively impact our world. 

Further  success stories to note:

  • 20 Year 12 Students awarded the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award ( highest for any school in Victoria)
  • 72 students from a total of 141 students were offered early entry positions as part of universities High Achievers Programs
  • 2 students shortlisted for Top Arts
  • The five year trend has maintained a 10% increase in our ATAR results

Our ‘Three Villages, One Community’ model of wellbeing along with our MYP program in Years 7-10 provide students with various opportunities that demonstrate our unique structure which provides a holistic learning environment that empowers all students to achieve their personal best.

College Leadership Team