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It is with immense pride and admiration that we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the remarkable Class of 2023 for their outstanding achievements in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). In a world forever changed by a global pandemic, these students have demonstrated resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to their education.

Our Santa students have met the challenges and  adversity of their senior year of schooling with grace and tenacity. As we highlight a few of the individual success stories that have emerged from this extraordinary cohort, we extend our collective congratulations to each and every student for their personal achievements and remarkable growth.

We recognise the hard work and dedication of all students, and celebrate that these efforts will enable further opportunities for lifelong learning and personal growth. 

Santa Maria College VCE Success Stories 

We congratulate Zoe Hammond  with an ATAR of 98.85 as the College Dux. We also congratulate Siena Pirruccio as Dux Secundus with an ATAR of 97.7.

We extend our sincerest congratulations to Zoe Hammond, the College Dux of 2023 and Music Captain. Zoe's extraordinary academic achievements are truly commendable, highlighted by her remarkable perfect score of 50 in English. Beyond her exceptional proficiency in English, Zoe has excelled across diverse subjects, earning scores above 40 in History Revolutions, Music Contemporary Performance, Global Politics, and Literature. Zoe's dedication, intellectual prowess, and leadership as the 2023 Music Captain have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the Santa Maria College community. Her accomplishments not only reflect her own diligence and commitment but also serve as an inspiration to her peers and future students. We are immensely proud of Zoe's accomplishments and wish her continued success in all her future endeavours.

It is with great pleasure that we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Siena Pirruccio for achieving the well-deserved title of Dux Secondus. Siena's academic success and exceptional leadership have been admirable through her education journey here at Santa. As a Year 11 student, her outstanding achievement in Biology, where she earned the title of DUX, reflects her remarkable dedication to academic excellence. Furthermore, Siena's impressive scores, surpassing 40, in English, Business Management, Legal Studies  and Psychology underscore her versatility and intellect across a range of disciplines. In addition to her academic accomplishments, Siena's role as the College Co-Captain for 2023 exemplifies her commitment to leading with pride and integrity. Her ability to balance active participation in extracurricular activities with her academic pursuits is a testament to her prioritisation and leadership skills. 

We celebrate and congratulate the breadth of accomplishment of our 2023 graduates, including: 

  • Zoe Hammond  who achieved a perfect score of 50 in English. 
  • The College Median Score  is consistent at 30 
  • 25 Students received an ATAR over 90 
  • 52% of students received an ATAR over 70 
  • 47 individual scores 40 and above 
  • Subjects where students  received scores of 40 and above include:

Art Making and Exhibiting


Business Management


English Language

General Mathematics

Global Politics 

History Revolutions

Visual Communication and Design

Legal Studies



Music Contemporary and Performance

Product Design and Technology 


Texts and Traditions

VCE VET: Health Services 

  •  A study score of 40 and above in 57% of subjects offered was achieved
  • 100% VCE completion 
  •  52 Year 11 students completed a Unit 3 - 4 Accelerated subject

While VCE and VM results serve as one metric of achievement, they represent only a fraction of a student's academic journey at Santa Maria College. Beyond the VCE/VM outcomes, the fabric of student life is woven with threads of kindness, friendship, and the shared passion that contributes to the vibrant Santa Spirit within our community. The challenges and triumphs each student encounters, often hidden behind statistical data, tell stories of resilience, courage, and an unwavering commitment to personal excellence. Within these narratives lie the tales of love and unwavering support from parents, guardians, and families who have played an integral role in nurturing each student throughout their 13-year educational journey. Our heartfelt commendation goes to the Year 12 families for fostering outstanding individuals poised to make a positive impact on our world.

Further  success stories to note:

  • 17 Year 12 Students awarded the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award ( highest for any school in Victoria)
  • 51 students from a total of 136 students were offered early entry positions as part of universities High Achievers Programs
  • 3 students have been shortlisted for Top Design and 1 was shortlisted for Top Screen 

Our ‘Three Villages, One Community’ model of wellbeing along with our MYP program in Years 7-10 provide students with various opportunities that demonstrate our unique structure which provides a holistic learning environment that empowers all students to achieve their personal best.

As a forward-thinking and inclusive Catholic educational community, we take immense pride in our collaborative partnerships with students and families, working together to cultivate and nurture the leaders of tomorrow. As the graduating class of 2023 ventures into the realms beyond formal education, we want to emphasise our unwavering commitment to providing continuous support. The Santa Maria College community stands as a steadfast source of encouragement, ready to celebrate the accomplishments of every student. To the class of 2023, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your meaningful contributions to the rich history and narrative of Santa Maria College.