Three Villages

Year 9/10 Village

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The Year 9-10 Village nurtures the growing independence of girls in their academic learning, and in their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Girls continue their exploration of the world but also encounter choice and challenge.

Broad opportunities in experiential learning enable girls to test their limits and consolidate their strengths.

The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award at Year 9 nurtures healthy, positive girls who engage actively with their local community and who know the importance of teamwork and resilience.

The Personal Project at Year 10 invites girls to integrate and showcase all the skills they have learnt throughout the MYP.

Being connected to one another, and to their teachers within the Village structure, enables our girls to find their place within a dynamic and nurturing school community.

They gain confidence in life-ready skills and begin to shape their learning pathway.


An integral part of your daughter’s journey at Santa Maria is engagement with the life of the Christian story. The lens we draw on to encounter the message and values of the Gospel is the charism of the Good Samaritan Sisters.

Prayer and Liturgy

In the Year 9-10 Village, prayer and liturgical experiences have an emphasis on love of neighbour, service, justice and peace. With their growing maturity girls are encouraged to be:

  • outward looking
  • community minded
  • contribute to the common good.

Faith in Action experience

In Year 9, girls are excited to begin their Duke of Edinburgh experience. As part of the Bronze Award, girls are required to engage physically with the natural world, and complete a community service component. This is integrated into their Faith in Action program. Girls nominate their preferred activity eg.

  • assisting at not-for-profit organisations such as Lentil as Anything, Vinnies etc
  • preparing meals or sorting donations at food banks
  • coaching primary students in sports or music or maths

In Year 10 concepts of faith and justice are broadened through engagement with two unique programs:

  • Billabong Barbeque
    In small groups girls gather with members of the local Aboriginal community in the morning and journey to the Royal Botanic Gardens for the Aboriginal Heritage Walk in the afternoon.  This program is facilitated by Uncle Trevor Gallagher, Santa’s Koorie Education Worker.
  • Central Australia Immersion
    Facilitated by the team at Red Earth, girls encounter the profound nature of desert landscapes and are welcomed into a remote Aboriginal community. Students must apply to take part in this program.