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Confidence is one of the critical factors in students doing well in their studies and in the social and emotional sphere. 

Building confidence is what the Debating and Public Speaking program at Santa Maria is all about. 

This program is open to students at all year levels. It offers a unique opportunity for students to develop their public speaking, research, critical thinking, and teamwork skills. These skills ensure our students become world-ready. They are also skills students will carry with them throughout their learning journey.

Santa Maria promotes and participates in a range of inter-school debating competitions. These include:

  • The Schools Competition and Junior Secondary Program run by the Debating Association of Victoria (DAV). 
  • The Legacy Public Speaking Competition
  • The VCAA Plain English Competition
  • The Lions’ Club Debate 

Debating is also fun! There is great camaraderie among the teams. Younger debaters get to know senior debaters and learn the tricks of the trade. Skills, strategies and techniques are shared, developed and finessed. Great support is offered from team mates, teachers and families. 

Debating and Public Speaking has a long history at Santa. We are proud of what our students have achieved over many years.