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Santa Maria College is a Catholic College for girls committed to the Good Samaritan tradition of education, which embodies a spirit of welcome, love, service and compassion, supporting and celebrating a diversity of learners. In this educational environment, students are accepted, affirmed, encouraged and challenged to grow to their full potential. The College has an open enrolment policy in accordance with Federal and State legislation and caters for students with a range of academic abilities, including students with learning difficulties and impairments as well as gifted and talented students.


Students have a diverse range of skills and learning needs and thus our policy:

  • Reflects a sound understanding of the student with special needs
  • Provides a caring community through pastoral support, relationships and participation which enhances self-esteem, worth, identity and dignity
  • Encourages partnership with parents to support their daughter’s personal and educational growth
  • Facilitates the inclusion of students with special needs through supportive whole school structures, strategies and programs from Years 7-12
  • Enables access to essential learning through appropriate programs within the regular class and in specialised activities/groups
  • Provides age-appropriate learning opportunities that are relevant to students' physical, intellectual and social/emotional needs and are part of the continuum of learning for life
  • Values individual and preferred learning styles and students’ capacities for learning at different rates
  • Empowers students, through an understanding and acceptance of their capacities and potential, to participate with teachers and specialists in determining how their needs are met
  • Encourages students to become independent learners through developing personal strategies and resources, while recognising the inter-dependence of the members of the community
  • Recognises the critical role of social skilling and social interaction factors for the effective inclusion of the student in a regular class
  • Supports transition of students at critical points, particularly Year 7 entry and pathways planning in the senior years
  • Encourages all faculties to engage in consultation with the Learning Support Team and periodically review their work requirements to examine the provision for special needs
  • Promotes professional development in the area of inclusive education through working with individual teachers, faculties and whole staff groups
  • Fosters networks with other professional consultants and agencies in seeking to understand and meet the special needs of students

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