Academic Honesty Protocol

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Students at Santa Maria College are required to submit their own, original work. In cases where materials including words, ideas, data, tables, graphs, charts, numerical data, formulae or visual images are obtained from any other sources (internet, books, blogs, magazines, peers etc.), these must be acknowledged and cited according to the Harvard Style of referencing.

Student Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the student to provide evidence of the process taken to produce an end product. This evidence, which may include data charts, notes, electronic backup of versions, scripts, calculations, sketches, and drafts etc. needs to be available at the time of submission and up until the time the work has been marked and returned by the teacher. The end product may need to be submitted into the Turnitin program for checking.


Unacknowledged use of material by a student may result in penalties, such as an NA score for the task or a chance to resubmit with marking down applied. Consequences at the VCE level are serious and informed by the VCAA Guidelines. They are published in the yearly VCE Handbook.

College Requirements:

When preparing and submitting assessment work, Santa Maria College students must:

  1. Ensure that all unacknowledged work submitted for assessment is genuinely her own.
  2. Acknowledge all sources/resources used including: text, websites, source material, name/s and status of any person/s who provided assistance and the types of assistance provided.
  3. Ensure when using technology, work is backed up regularly.

Teacher Responsibilities:

Teachers at Santa Maria College must ensure that:

  1. Assessment incorporates steps in the process, as well as the end product.
  2. A significant amount of classroom time is spent on the task so that the teacher is familiar with each student’s work in progress and can discuss aspects of the work with the student.
  3. Student work is authenticated by citing, signing and dating work on a regular basis.
  4. Students document the specific stages of the development of work, starting with an early part of the task such as the topic choice, list of resources and/or preliminary research.

(Adapted from the VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook, 2012. Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, copyright VCAA reproduced by permission.)

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