Santa Maria College is a Catholic secondary college committed to the Good Samaritan tradition of education, which values pursuits that seek to nurture and develop the dignity of each person. “Our educational endeavours seek to nurture a search for truth, a spirit of inquiry and a deep love of learning.” (From Mission Statement)

Understanding the importance of exercising the mind, and immersion and participation in rich and authentic learning experiences are key to individual learning success. This approach is outward looking, thoughtful of the other and supportive of authentic partnerships with the community.

It is based upon respect for individual differences so that “the strong have something to strive for and the weak have nothing to run from.” (RB 64:9).

Vision Statement – Learning & Teaching

Santa Maria College is a community where learning occurs within a dynamic environment that is supportive of girls' education.

This model of contemporary learning promotes:

  • The capacity for and love of lifelong learning
  • Engagement with the curriculum through differentiation that promotes successful learning experiences for all
  • An inquiry approach to holistic learning that deepens understanding and builds on existing knowledge through local and global contexts
  • Personalised learning
  • The use of varied approaches to learning and contemporary tools that support the creation, use and transference of knowledge
  • A critical awareness of one’s own learning through reflection and evaluation
  • Planning for purposeful teaching
  • The articulation of high expectations that, when implemented, lead to optimal student outcomes
  • Targeted professional learning to develop the core attributes and capacities of effective teachers


Santa Maria College is a faith and learning community in the Benedictine tradition, where all members are lifelong learners sustained by Christ’s teaching. It values the worth and potential of each individual and sees the mission of a Catholic community as working towards the promotion of the whole person.

Our curriculum is attentive to the needs of the individual in the 21st century and encourages each student to work to the best of their ability. Authentic, relevant and dynamic learning opportunities are provided, formed around intercultural awareness, holistic learning and effective means of communication.

Year 7 -10 Curriculum 2016

VCE Curriculum 2016