The extensive Music Program at Santa Maria College offers students the chance to work with outstanding instrumental specialists, passionate classroom teachers and exceptional resources and facilities. The high quality program begins in Year 7 with all students engaging in the Year 7 Instrumental Music Exploration Program, giving girls the chance to learn an instrument for six months and develop their music skills.

Many students have such a positive experience that they continue with private instrumental lessons offered by the College, which can be accessed weekly for an additional fee. Students then form a connection to the program, belonging to an ensemble (a minimum of one) and enjoying the comradery of their peers.

Lessons are offered in the following instruments:

Ukulele Violin Tenor Saxophone Percussion/Drums Bass Guitar
Viola Flute Piano Acoustic Guitar Trombone
Clarinet Voice Electric Guitar Euphonium/Tuba Bass Clarinet
Double Bass Trumpet Alto Saxophone Cello French Horn
Baritone Saxophone

The Choral Program is also extensive offering students of all abilities the chance to nurture their talent. Ensembles and Choirs are a wonderful way to practice your individual skill and share your talent with the community.

Ensembles and Choirs available are:

Flute Ensemble Guitar Ensemble Percussion Ensemble Clarinet Ensemble
Year 7 Choir Santa Maria Singers Liturgical Choir Gospel Choir
College Junior Orchestra Junior and Senior String Ensembles College Symphonic Band College Stage Band

A vast array of performance opportunities are a feature of the Music Program at Santa Maria College. Students develop skills and confidence through performances at informal and formal concerts and events both within the school and in the broader community.