Santa Maria College offers its students the opportunity to participate in an extensive and varied co-curricular program. The program extends the formal learning provisions of the curriculum in pastoral, sporting, cultural, religious and academic spheres.

Certain co-curricular activities are compulsory as they are integral to the student’s life at the College incur no additional cost eg: school camps and retreats. Other activities are “elective” and incur charges over and above school fees eg: instrumental music program and overseas or interstate trips.

Our co-curricular program is intended to help build an atmosphere of trust and learning for our students and emphasizes the importance of building relationships.

The House system forms an integral part of co-curricular activity at Santa Maria. It nurtures young leaders, respect amongst peers and the spirit of friendly internal competition. There are 6 houses at Santa – Carmel (Blue), Lourdes (Green), Rosaria (Yellow), Conway (Red), Clare (White) and Neville (Purple).