Relationships with the people around us bring signficant meaning to our lives and are central to the Santa Maria College community. The Living in Community Framework provides guidance and direction as to how we live together at our College, in the spirit of collaboration and partnership. All staff, students and families are invited to take personal responsibility for the way in which they contribute to our community. Care and respect for self, others and creation is of utmost importance, while acknowledging and celebrating our diversity.

The Living in Community Framework reflects Restorative Practices, a community approach to positive and healthy relationships. Restorative Practices emphasises the strength and potential of each member of the community and focuses on moving forward together after an issue has arisen. Through a restorative philosophy we believe that relationships can be restored where all community members feel heard and supported through the process of healing. The Living in Community Framework also provides guidance for us in dealing with issues related to behaviour, uniform, attendance and appropriate use of technology.

Families are welcome to access the Living in Community Framework via the following link: Living in Community Framework