Santa Maria College values the uniqueness of each individual and their ability to contribute to our vibrant community. As a College, we commit to prioritising the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of each young woman in our care. Our hope is that each of these young women grow to become strong, independent and compassionate critical thinkers who seek to live out Gospel values with integrity, hope and joy.

As a community, we work collaboratively, understanding that the most profound learning occurs when there is a healthy relationship between teacher and student. There is a strong focus on the holistic growth and development of each student in our care, encompassing wellbeing, learning and faith.

At Santa Maria College, we understand that student wellbeing is integral to the learning process. Research indicates that students who are physically and emotionally healthy are optimistic and can engage fully with life. They have a sense of purpose and self-acceptance, demonstrate resilience and the capacity to form sustained, positive relationships. The wellbeing of young people, and their ability to learn effectively, is enhanced when they are strongly connected to their school.

Student wellbeing is fundamental to the ethos of our College. We draw our spirituality from St Benedict, St Scholastica and the Gospel story of the Good Samaritan. As a community we aim to provide a nurturing, safe, supportive and caring environment. Reflecting our identity as a Good Samaritan school, all members of the College community should experience hospitality through the welcoming environment created.