Faith Development excursions: Throughout Years 7-9 students participate in a range of excursions such as the Melbourne City Faith Trail, which visits key Catholic sites in the heart of Melbourne. Other excursions include the Women of Faith gallery experience through the National Gallery of Victoria and the Faith and Action environmental excursion, where students are involved in tree planting and revegetation along the Merri Creek.

Year 11 Street Retreat: This retreat gives students the opportunity to develop empathy through exposure to the homelessness and hunger on the streets of Melbourne. In the evening, students volunteer with the St Vincent de Paul Soup Van, travelling around Melbourne bringing food and conversation to those in need. The following day, students are placed in range of volunteer organisations that work with the elderly, children, adults and teenagers with special needs, asylum seekers, refugees and other marginalised groups.

Year 12 Optional Retreat: This retreat is optional for Year 12 students and provides an opportunity for spiritual reflection and renewal. It encourages young women to explore their own notion of spirituality and the importance it plays in their lives.