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This year our College theme is:


This theme is a poignant reminder to actively care for our world, the cosmos and each other by living in right relationship. It is so important as a Christian community here at Santa Maria, that we care for all of God’s creation and deepen our commitment to become agents of harmony and people of goodness in the world. For Pope Francis I reminds us: We need to live not as tourists or exploiters but rather as caretakers of the world in which we live. Our responsibility is to ensure hope for the future. It is with this mandate we launch our theme.

Blessings and Peace

Deborah M Barker

Congratulations to the Class of 2016! Mon, 19 Dec 2016 04:18:46 +0000

SantaLink Father’s Day Breakfast Thu, 17 Nov 2016 04:30:02 +0000 The event was held on the morning on Friday the 2nd of September and was a great success with approximately 150 fathers, step fathers, grandfathers and daughters attending, as well as uncles, carers and other significant men in the students’ lives.

There was delicious food and beverages, kindly prepared by the SantaLink Committee and the school Canteen.

The morning event was a great way for everyone to start the day. There were door prizes and raffles, as well as speeches from students, the SantaLink committee and Guest Speaker Arun Myvalagnam.

The event was a great opportunity for fathers and daughters to have an enjoyable breakfast together and engage in the vibrant school community.

The feedback by everyone who attended was outstanding and the SantaLink Committee plan to build on its success with future events.

It is with great pleasure that the SantaLink Committee have made a $500 donation to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Year 11 Food & Technology Thu, 17 Nov 2016 04:25:59 +0000 As part of the Year 11 Food & Technology course we went on an excursion to the Tea Salon for High Tea. Here is a little bit about our experiences and what we hope to bring back to the classroom.

Simone Bellinger
Domain Leader – Technology

As a year 11 Food & Technology class we decided to go to High tea at the Tea Salon in the Emporium as part of the curriculum. We ventured out on the 11th of October. As we arrived we were able to choose between 28 blends of tea and many different flavours of scones ranging from original to strawberry and basil. When the food was brought out it was on a three tiered high tea stand which was split between two. It included 5 ribbon sandwiches and many different bite sized sweets including the scone of your choice. We sampled the lavender and the original scone and were amazed by the quality of them. All of the cakes were delicious and were full of exciting new flavours. The presentation of both the restaurant and the food was beautiful and made it very easy to enjoy the food with the rest of the class. Our eyes were definitely bigger than our bellies as we all rolled out of the restaurant after a lovely excursion.

Alanah and Zoe  

On Tuesday the 11th of october the year 11 Food & Technology class went on an exciting trip down to the tea salon at the Emporium. When we arrived we were seated by a lovely woman whose personality added to our great experience. We had to make 2 tough decisions when we arrived, what flavour scone would we like to eat? With a choice of 8 different flavours! And Out of the 28 unique tea flavours, which one should we have?  Between 2 we shared an assortment of sandwiches and sweet treats, including tarts, cheesecakes and cookies. The presentation was spectacular! The brightly coloured finger foods sat on a three-tiered plates .Overall, the experience at the High Tea was something we will remember forever and we all enjoyed it greatly.

Ruby and Alexia

As part of year 11 Food & Technology we attended the Tea Salon to have high tea. We got different types of sandwiches like chicken, smoked salmon, cucumber, roast beef and basil pesto. Next we had homemade cookies, chocolate tarts, cheesecake and cupcakes. We also had a scone of our choice with options, such as date and orange, white chocolate and cranberry, milk chocolate lavender, rose, cheddar and thyme and salted caramel. We enjoyed all the food, although the scones were definitely a favourite and some of the sweet dishes were a bit too rich in flavour, but overall it was delicious. With this we also had a drink of our choice whether it be tea or a cold drink. The presentation of the food was amazing, the Tea Salon had a theme of flowers and all the plates had flower patterns on them making the whole experience more appealing. We hope to be able to test out similar recipes ourselves.

Kaya, Alana and Stella 

Our High Tea experience at the Tea Salon in the Emporium was one we won’t forget. We ate and enjoyed a range of different sweets and savoury with a unique type of tea. The range included cheddar and thyme scones, New York lemony cheesecake and Turkish and apple tea. We observed how food was presented and we saw the creative presentation skills that were used to make the food look appealing. It was great to be able to share this high tea experience with such a great group of girls.

Isabella Misurelli and Isabella Di Milta

During a food tech class, we went to ‘The Tea Salon’ in the Emporium and shared a High Tea with our class and it was a fun and memorable experience. When we walked in we saw a long table that had colourful teacups and assorted cutlery and plates. We picked out which flavour tea we wanted from a range of 28 available. We were each given an individual teapot. We then also decided which flavour of scone we wanted from 8 choices that had a range of sweet and savoury. A 3 tier stand was brought out to us to share between two that had sandwiches, scones, tarts, cheesecake and cupcakes. It was a delicious meal and it was a great day !!

Lisa and Calista

VCE Visual Arts & Technology Exhibition Thu, 17 Nov 2016 04:21:56 +0000 The annual VCE Visual Arts and Technology Exhibition was held this year from the 20thto the 26th of October with the official opening on the evening of the 20th October. The Gathering Space in the Benedictine Centre was filled with wonderful works showcasing Year 12 Media, Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design, Food and Technology and Product Design and Technology.

The large crowd of students, staff, parents and special guests thoroughly enjoyed viewing the finished products that the Year 12s have been working tirelessly on all year. The exhibition displayed a variety of intricate drawings, paintings, digital photographs, posters, short films, product and fashion designs and delicious recipes.

We would like to thank all students who have shared their passion, creativity and talent with us as well as the VCE Visual Arts and Technology teachers – Miss Simone Bellinger, Ms Lindy Howlett, Miss Catherine Ozols, Ms Lisa Piantadosi and Ms Ngaire Wallace, for guiding and encouraging all of the Year 12 students to bring their creative ideas to fruition.

Simone Bellinger & Ngaire Wallace
Technology Domain Leader, Arts Domain Leader


Below is 2015-2016 Visual Arts Captain, Christina Hiar’s opening speech;

Good evening Mrs Barker, staff, students, family and friends.

I’d like to welcome you all to the opening of Santa Maria College’s Annual VCE Visual Arts and Technology Exhibition. My name is Christina Hiar and I have had the privilege of being Visual Arts Captain this year.

A great part of any community is its ability to showcase the talents of the people within it. Within the Visual Arts there is an empowering element in sharing ideas and inspiring others. This year there have been many opportunities that have showcased all the incredible things we do at Santa Maria College in Visual Arts and Technology.

As Visual Arts Captain for 2016, it was my aim to try and enhance a sense of connectedness within the College through all forms of art. It was my main objective to invite students to push the boundaries of their capabilities and to positively encourage our students to recognise their immense artistic and creative potentials. It has been an honour to work alongside many talented staff and students who together, have evidently raised the profile of the Visual Arts community.

This year a new Visual Arts Team was established. This team consisted of enthusiastic girls, from all year levels, who gathered together weekly to share ideas about potential visual arts events. This team, alongside Ms Wallace, have without a doubt made my experience as Visual Arts Captain much more significant. Their constant support, enthusiasm and love for the arts has definitely inspired me this year, and I can confidently say I have learnt a great deal from each member of the team, which I get to take with me on my path next year. The work of the incredible team have allowed many new events to take place throughout the year, with the introduction of the colleges very first colouring corner, a fortnightly rotation of student work exhibited in the College cafe Benedict’s, a week dedicated to the Visual Arts where artists and designers held lunch time sessions with the Santa Maria Students, a new House Mural Competition, and many other opportunities that allowed students to bond over the arts and leave their mark on the school. Although my position this year has come to a close, I am confident the newly elected Visual Arts Captain, Sophia Zavattiero will carry on bringing creativity to the college.

As we gather here tonight amongst the high quality of work around us, we are able to see the immense creative abilities showcased by each individual. The talents of all those involved in the VCE arts and technology program has truly exceeded expectations.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Visual Arts and Technology teachers who guided and supported each of us on our journey this year. To Miss Simone Bellinger, Ms Lindy Howlett, Miss Cathy Ozols, Ms Lisa Piantadosi and Ms Ngaire Wallace, without the help of such wonderful teachers, this year would have been much more difficult. Your  constant passion and dedication to each of us has made this year a memorable one and the lessons we have learnt from each, will be messages we take with us for years to come.

I hope that as you explore the exhibition tonight, you will take the time to truly appreciate the tremendous effort that has been put in by the year 12 students. Folio subjects are extremely difficult, and the skill on show for you all today is the culmination of many hours and hours of hard work and represents the end of a long journey. All students today should be incredibly proud of all they have achieved. The dedication, persistence, skill, creativity, love, sweat, tears, regular all nighters and most importantly the support shared amongst each other over the year have enabled each of you to create something worth celebrating.

This night and everything accomplished this year would not have been possible without Ms Wallace, who surprisingly had the patience to put up with myself, my beautiful visual arts kids, all our insane ideas and the meltdowns that emerged from many of the students here today. Thanks for constantly providing each of us with the resources needed to achieve great things this year.

I hope you all enjoy the evening and are just as amazed at the incredible talent that is present in this room today.

Thank you

Christina Hiar
Visual Arts Captain 2015-2016

Year 12 Graduation Mass Thu, 17 Nov 2016 04:14:54 +0000 ‘On we march with a midnight song, we will light our way with our lanterns on’ sang the graduating class of 2016 as they processed into the Polding Centre on Tuesday 18 October to begin their final Eucharistic celebration within the Santa Maria community.  Surrounded by family and friends, staff and students, they eloquently and prayerfully articulated the many ways in which their journey here at Santa over the last six years has shaped and formed them.  They considered what underlying values, gifts and beliefs will remain with them to guide them in the days and years ahead, what ‘lanterns’ will light their way.  ‘Courage.   Justice.  Learning.  Hope.  Prayer.  Compassion.’  These were the things the girls claimed as their inspiration as they embark on the next stage of their lives.

Enriched by bold scripture texts that encouraged all of us to ‘live in the light’ (Ephesians) and to ‘love our enemies’ (Luke) and by prayerful songs that called us to action and to hope (‘Who will speak if we don’t?; ‘Dare to Dream’), the Mass was a joyful, reflective celebration of the faith and values at the heart of our Santa community.

As the Year 12 girls of 2016 journey forward into the broader context of work and study, may they carry with them rich memories and strong friendships.  May they pursue lives that are worthy of them, and may they find balance as they live out this year’s College theme: ‘stillness, healing, peace’.

The love and best wishes of the whole Santa Maria community goes with them, embodied in the words of the Solemn Blessing which was offered on their behalf as the concluding words of the Mass.

May God who gives without condition, shower the Class of 2016 with insight to discern what is right, to be open to receiving God’s gift of peace in their lives and to never forget God’s unconditional love for them.

May the class of 2016 be energized in life, live out their faith as young women privileged by their Good Samaritan / Benedictine tradition and always know throughout life’s journey, Hope will be their guide.

We bless these young women and send them forth in the name of the Creator, Redeemer and Spirit.  Amen.

Duke of Edinburgh – Qualifying Camp Thu, 17 Nov 2016 04:08:53 +0000 On the morning of Wednesday 26 October, our class arrived at Southern Cross Station; boarding the VLine bus both excited and nervous for our trip. Upon our arrival at Macedon Station, we had a quick snack and got organised into our partners at the nearby Ash Wednesday Memorial Park. The first activity for the day was a map reading activity, in which we had questions relating to certain streets along each group’s route. We made our way through the township of Macedon, stopping at Stanley Park for lunch and a compass activity, before getting onto the minibus and making our way up to the Memorial Cross, stopping at some beautiful gardens on the way. On the way back down, we all got out, and had to find our own way back to the campsite in groups. Upon our arrival there, we chose our tents, cooked dinner, and reflected on our day, before heading to our tents for some hard earned rest.

The following day, we woke up bright and early; packing up our things and eating breakfast before getting on the minibus. We arrived, once again, at the Memorial Cross; our starting point for that day. Excited and ready (despite the freezing cold), we set off on the Macedon Ranges Walking Trail; stopping at Days Picnic Ground for lunch before continuing along what would later become the infamous Goat’s Trail. Eventually, we reached Stanley Park and rested there once again; before making our way back to Macedon Station to board the bus that would take us home.

Overall, the Duke of Edinburgh camp was an incredibly rewarding experience; encouraging teamwork and forging strong bonds between you and your classmates. I learned so much about my peers and myself and, despite the sore muscles, bruises, lack of sleep, and countless mosquito bites, I know I speak for many when I say that this experience was incredible; and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Genevieve Stechiwskyj, 9.4

Enrol Now for Year 7 2018 and Year 7 2019. Applications for Year 7 2018 close on 17 February 2017. Thu, 17 Nov 2016 01:25:58 +0000 Changes to Year 7 Enrolment Process – Update! Tue, 14 Jun 2016 02:27:26 +0000

Key Enrolment Dates for 2018

17 February 2017 –  Applications for enrolment in Year 7 2018 close
27 April 2017 – Offers of places to prospective Year 7 2018 students posted
11 May 2017 – Final date for families to accept offers made

Changes to Year 7 2019 Intake

25 August 2017 –  Applications for enrolment in Year 7 2019 close
13 October 2017 – Offers of places to prospective Year 7 2019 students posted
27 October 2017 – Final date for families to accept offers made


Expressing our Identity and Story Fri, 10 Jun 2016 00:50:58 +0000 You may have noticed if you have passed the College in recent times there are three flag poles flying;  the Australian, Aboriginal and College flags. These flags have taken pride of place at the foot of the Benedictine Centre symbolically representing parts of our Aboriginal, Australian and Santa Maria College story. As presented to our community at the Reconciliation Week ceremony last Tuesday these flags are identified with their own story and legacy but also share connection and relevance for each of us as we pass these poles each day as described below:

The Aboriginal Flag
The Book of Genesis from Hebrew Scriptures (often known as the Old Testament) writes about the importance of caring for our earth. It calls each of us to be co-creatures of all living things.

Our Aboriginal sisters and brothers are great examples of being stewards of the earth for at least 40,000 years here in Australia. They have taught us how to respect, nurture and care for all living things.

May our Aboriginal flag remind us of the original owners of our land and ignite in us a spirit of care and responsibility for our environment.

Australian Flag
St Benedict, born in the 6th century in Italy has taught the world so much about how to live in relationship with people. His Rule based on the message of the Gospels in the New Testament inspires us to be people of compassion. His rule asks us to be a community who listens with the ear of our hearts.

For us at Santa Maria, the journey of John Bede Polding from England, soon to become the Archbishop of Sydney who lived his life in the footsteps of St Benedict is a significant migrant. For it is Archbishop Polding’s vision and Sr Scholastica Gibbons leadership that instigates the formation of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan in colonial Sydney in 1857 which heralds the beginning of  Good Samaritan Education here in Australia.

May our Australian flag remind us of the opportunities and promise of our multicultural country in the 21st century.

Santa Maria College Flag
The Good Samaritan story taken from Luke’s Gospel speaks of a world where we are all called to look after each other to restore life.  As a school built on the foundations of this may we be reminded when we look at our College flag, we are called to “Go and do Likewise” and tend to the needs of neighbour in our daily encounters.