As part of the Year 11 Food & Technology course we went on an excursion to the Tea Salon for High Tea. Here is a little bit about our experiences and what we hope to bring back to the classroom.

Simone Bellinger
Domain Leader – Technology

As a year 11 Food & Technology class we decided to go to High tea at the Tea Salon in the Emporium as part of the curriculum. We ventured out on the 11th of October. As we arrived we were able to choose between 28 blends of tea and many different flavours of scones ranging from original to strawberry and basil. When the food was brought out it was on a three tiered high tea stand which was split between two. It included 5 ribbon sandwiches and many different bite sized sweets including the scone of your choice. We sampled the lavender and the original scone and were amazed by the quality of them. All of the cakes were delicious and were full of exciting new flavours. The presentation of both the restaurant and the food was beautiful and made it very easy to enjoy the food with the rest of the class. Our eyes were definitely bigger than our bellies as we all rolled out of the restaurant after a lovely excursion.

Alanah and Zoe  

On Tuesday the 11th of october the year 11 Food & Technology class went on an exciting trip down to the tea salon at the Emporium. When we arrived we were seated by a lovely woman whose personality added to our great experience. We had to make 2 tough decisions when we arrived, what flavour scone would we like to eat? With a choice of 8 different flavours! And Out of the 28 unique tea flavours, which one should we have?  Between 2 we shared an assortment of sandwiches and sweet treats, including tarts, cheesecakes and cookies. The presentation was spectacular! The brightly coloured finger foods sat on a three-tiered plates .Overall, the experience at the High Tea was something we will remember forever and we all enjoyed it greatly.

Ruby and Alexia

As part of year 11 Food & Technology we attended the Tea Salon to have high tea. We got different types of sandwiches like chicken, smoked salmon, cucumber, roast beef and basil pesto. Next we had homemade cookies, chocolate tarts, cheesecake and cupcakes. We also had a scone of our choice with options, such as date and orange, white chocolate and cranberry, milk chocolate lavender, rose, cheddar and thyme and salted caramel. We enjoyed all the food, although the scones were definitely a favourite and some of the sweet dishes were a bit too rich in flavour, but overall it was delicious. With this we also had a drink of our choice whether it be tea or a cold drink. The presentation of the food was amazing, the Tea Salon had a theme of flowers and all the plates had flower patterns on them making the whole experience more appealing. We hope to be able to test out similar recipes ourselves.

Kaya, Alana and Stella 

Our High Tea experience at the Tea Salon in the Emporium was one we won’t forget. We ate and enjoyed a range of different sweets and savoury with a unique type of tea. The range included cheddar and thyme scones, New York lemony cheesecake and Turkish and apple tea. We observed how food was presented and we saw the creative presentation skills that were used to make the food look appealing. It was great to be able to share this high tea experience with such a great group of girls.

Isabella Misurelli and Isabella Di Milta

During a food tech class, we went to ‘The Tea Salon’ in the Emporium and shared a High Tea with our class and it was a fun and memorable experience. When we walked in we saw a long table that had colourful teacups and assorted cutlery and plates. We picked out which flavour tea we wanted from a range of 28 available. We were each given an individual teapot. We then also decided which flavour of scone we wanted from 8 choices that had a range of sweet and savoury. A 3 tier stand was brought out to us to share between two that had sandwiches, scones, tarts, cheesecake and cupcakes. It was a delicious meal and it was a great day !!

Lisa and Calista