On the morning of Wednesday 26 October, our class arrived at Southern Cross Station; boarding the VLine bus both excited and nervous for our trip. Upon our arrival at Macedon Station, we had a quick snack and got organised into our partners at the nearby Ash Wednesday Memorial Park. The first activity for the day was a map reading activity, in which we had questions relating to certain streets along each group’s route. We made our way through the township of Macedon, stopping at Stanley Park for lunch and a compass activity, before getting onto the minibus and making our way up to the Memorial Cross, stopping at some beautiful gardens on the way. On the way back down, we all got out, and had to find our own way back to the campsite in groups. Upon our arrival there, we chose our tents, cooked dinner, and reflected on our day, before heading to our tents for some hard earned rest.

The following day, we woke up bright and early; packing up our things and eating breakfast before getting on the minibus. We arrived, once again, at the Memorial Cross; our starting point for that day. Excited and ready (despite the freezing cold), we set off on the Macedon Ranges Walking Trail; stopping at Days Picnic Ground for lunch before continuing along what would later become the infamous Goat’s Trail. Eventually, we reached Stanley Park and rested there once again; before making our way back to Macedon Station to board the bus that would take us home.

Overall, the Duke of Edinburgh camp was an incredibly rewarding experience; encouraging teamwork and forging strong bonds between you and your classmates. I learned so much about my peers and myself and, despite the sore muscles, bruises, lack of sleep, and countless mosquito bites, I know I speak for many when I say that this experience was incredible; and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Genevieve Stechiwskyj, 9.4