Over the last two weeks all Year 9 classes have had the opportunity to visit the Mercy Hospital for Science.  9.6 started off our excursion by travelling to the hospital by bus and train. We had a quick bite to eat in the hospital café before going to meet our teacher for the afternoon. Her name was Jacinta and she has been a midwife for almost thirty years.

Jacinta spoke about all the different stages of pregnancy, how lifestyle can have an impact on a healthy pregnancy and the challenges people face trying to fall pregnant. It was a very interesting topic to learn about and showing us videos and life sized models of unborn babies really helped as well. We even saw a placenta and learnt about the crucial role it plays during pregnancy.

The highlight of our excursion was to meet and speak to a mother who had given birth by caesarean section to a healthy baby boy named Charles. She talked about the challenges she faced throughout her pregnancy, but the joy that came to her after seeing her baby born.

It was an amazing learning experience and we couldn’t have thanked Jacinta enough for a great introduction to our Human Reproduction unit of study. We are eager to learn how science and technology have had an impact on pregnancy and childbirth throughout the world.

Gabrielle Kerin 9.6

On Wednesday May 25, 9.2 travelled via public transport to the Mercy Hospital in Heidelberg. There, after enjoying a hot chocolate in the hospital’s cafeteria we made our way up into the lecture theatre of the hospital where we met Kate who had previously been a nurse and a midwife. In this session we were able to learn about our bodies and pregnancy in a comfortable environment. My class felt this session was extremely informative and that this information was important to know about. After our lecture we were brought up to the post-natal ward where we met a 24 hour-old baby boy named Lincoln and his parents. This was a great way to end the day at the hospital before making our way back to Santa. It was a great excursion and a lot was learnt on the day.

Ava Korpetutuncu 9.2