In May, many students participated in the Language Perfect World Championships again this year. In these Championships, students were able to brush up on their vocabulary skills while competing against from students all over the world. Please find the overall results below.

School Achievements:

  • 81st overall globally (out of 1111 schools) àTOP 7%!
  • 54th overall in Australia (out of 761 schools) àTOP 7%!
  • 16th overall in VIC (out of 212 schools) àTOP 8%!
  • 12th overall in Italian (out of 869 schools) àTOP 2%!
  • 51st overall in Japanese (out of 923 schools) àTOP 6%!

Elite Awards: 3 (10,000+ points)
Gold Awards: 11 (3,000+ points)
Silver Awards: 10 (2,000+ points)
Bronze Awards: 32 (1,000+ points)
Credit Awards: 35 (500+ points)

Congratulations to the students who received the Elite Awards are: Lisa Arena (Year 9), Alisha Mehra (Year 11) and Val Ha (Year 9).

Student Feedback:

  • “Wonderful makes me learn so much love. EDUCATION PERFECT for life”
  • “I find that language perfect helps me memorize the work we do in class, and language perfect has helped me improve my classwork. It is also a fun way to learn and becomes addictive. I find it very enjoyable and I am very glad that we have been given the opportunity to participate.”
  • “Language perfect is a really fun competition that not only enhances your learning and skills but is fun in an educational way!!”
  • “Thanks to my teacher, I have been given the opportunity to practice my Italian in a fun way that is competitive which I enjoy. I love completing Language Perfect every year.”
  • “It’s helping me with my learning step by step.”

Well done girls! All LOTE teachers are very proud of you!! Thank you very much for your participation. Keep learning languages and keep on smiling.

Grazie and arigatoo.

Hiroyo Sakamoto
Domain Leader  LOTE