On Thursday May 5 our Year 10 Music Performance class made our way down to the Royal Melbourne Hospital to perform at the annual ‘Live Music is Good For You’ performances. When we arrived, the atmosphere was filled with nerves and excitement for the next few hours. One by one each of us performed musical items from solos to groups and instrumentalists. At first we were all nervous but as the day progressed, we all became more comfortable as the audience was so welcoming. MCing the event was Emma McGuigan and Madison Roker who kept our spirits high with jokes and positive comments towards each performer. As a finale, Megan Allis, Ella Frances, Emma McGuigan and Madison Roker performed our school song, ‘Strong and Tall’ where all the Santa girls joined in and showed our school pride. With such a fantastic ending, we stayed and listened to the other performers who were very encouraging of us, and who were very talented. We concluded the day by going back to the music room where we reflected upon the day and continued to bond as a class.