Last Wednesday, the VCE Dance and Drama students confirmed their talent, passion and dedication in a series of performances for family and friends in the Benedictine Centre. The night opened with an original group dance piece choreographed by Ms. Axiak and performed by dance students from both Year 11 and 12.

Throughout the evening, each dance student also performed a solo dance that communicated a different theme including the impacts of being a child soldier and the retelling of a grandmother’s migration from Italy to Australia. All the dancers demonstrated their technical skills and the ability to convey emotion through these stories told through dance.

Our extremely supportive audience was also able to watch four different takes on the brief ‘Rebels with a Cause’ from the Unit 1 and Unit 3 drama classes run by Ms. Tobiah Elliot and Mrs. Louise Mercer, respectively. These performances explored injustices throughout history and some of the people who spoke out against them. Characters such as Martin Luther King Jr, Malala Yusafzai, Emmeline Pankhurst and the unsung hero, Bruce Bogtrotter, were present in the performances and conveyed the message that doing what is right may not always be what is easiest.

On behalf of all the performers, I would like to thank  all of our teachers who have pushed and encouraged us and our audience for supporting us on the night. As Performing Arts Captain I am proud and impressed with every student who performed, and I feel honoured to be leading a group of such talented young women. Keep an eye out later on in the year when the dance and drama team will reunite once more to perform their end-of-year creative pieces.

Stella Tehan
Performing Arts Captain