I would like to acknowledge three of our past students, Alana Gervasoni, Jessica Jong and Amy Truong, from the Year 12 Food and Technology class of 2015 who have been shortlisted for Top Designs – The Season of Excellence. A selection panel examines more than 1500 applications state-wide from VCE studies and from this they compile an exhibition of students work.

These three students, along with the entire VCE Food and Technology class, worked tirelessly to create high quality folios during the year. They put in many hours of hard work and from this they completed folios to a very high standard.

Alana created a chocolate menu, showcasing both sweet and savoury dishes that could be served at a Willy Wonka event.  Jessica created a Harry Potter themed menu with some amazing dishes on display and Amy revamped a café menu to include garden inspired desserts.

I would like to congratulate these girls for being shortlisted in Top Designs. I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of all the students who completed a folio during the year. So much work goes into these folios and students in this class were extremely dedicated to completing such amazing work. I would also like to thank the parents and siblings of these students who helped during this time – the students were lucky to have such great support.

Simone Bellinger
Domain Leader – Technology