RECONCILIATION WEEK began on 23 May and our Sorry Day gathering took place on Tuesday, 24th May. Reconciliation Week reminds us that we are on a pathway towards making peace with the past and striving to be better in the future. Sorry Day is an important time to remember the past policies of forced child removal and to reflect on the sad and painful history of the Stolen Generations recognising the importance of forgiveness and healing and the power of saying, ‘Sorry’.

At Santa Maria College the students will be involved in a number of activities throughout NRW. On  Tuesday May 24 we gathered as a community to reflect on and actively respond to the call for reconciliation, healing and peace. A number of guests participated in our ceremony and we were very excited to welcome the Mayor of Darebin, the honourable Vince Fontana, who is a powerful advocate for the Aboriginal community here in Darebin. We also had two very influential women from the Melbourne Aboriginal Community; Aunty Jill Gallagher who has the title of AO (Order of Australia).  Jill is the CEO of Victoria’s Aboriginal Health Organisation and is a staunch advocate for Aboriginal women’s health and education and is Gunditjmara. We were also very happy to have Aunty Delsie Lillyst who is a very good friend to our community.