On Friday May 6, the Green Team celebrated Santa Maria’s first Earth Day! Traditionally held two weeks prior, Earth Day is an international celebration of our planet, which asks us all to question and reflect upon our ecological impact. This year marks the 46th annual Earth Day, a movement giving voice to an emerging consciousness around our earth, motivating people to take action. Last week, the Green Team individualised the event, by combining it with an upcoming movement known as, ‘Meat Free Friday’. This implores particularly younger people to go just one day without the consumption of meat, to alleviate the stress of mass meat production on natural resources.

The lunchtime ‘SMC Earth Day’ in Seiwa Court saw multiple amazing performances from the Music and Drama Department, as well as a very popular stall of different vegetarian foods which acted as a means of awareness raising. Thai inspired soup, brown rice salads and traditional homemade hummus with bread were chosen, to highlight how diverse a diet  we can  maintain, if we were to choose to not consume meat just once per week.

The lunchtime event was a success!  The Green Team sold out every dish, and were urged to run a similar event soon. Students performed beautifully and created a really positive atmosphere. For this lunchtime, Seiwa Court became a place of reflection and enjoyment, uniting the Santa Maria community regardless of the student’s age.