Term Two has seen a very exciting and successful time for the Debating and Public Speaking students at SMC. The nine teams that are involved in the Debaters Association of Victoria Regional Competition have just finished their third round, with the C Grade team experiencing their first Advised Topic. This means that the team is informed of a ‘theme’ for their debate, however the actual topic is only revealed one hour prior!

At the end of Round Three, the A Grade team is tied at the top of the ladder for the Coburg Region A-Grade Competition. Two of the D Grade teams (SMC 1 and SMC 5) are also tie at the top of the ladder for their Competition. Overall all of the teams are having very positive experiences competing within the DAV, and are preparing for the last two rounds before the finals begin.

Year Seven students have joined the Debating group for 2016, and are eagerly awaiting their first introduction workshop.

Santa Maria was also very fortunate to have two very talented students represent the school at the annual Ainger Awards, hosted by the Richmond Rotary Club. The event was held on Thursday 12th May at The Lyceum, Melbourne Girl’s College in the evening.

Genevieve Stechiwskyj and Hannah Bourke from Year 9 both prepared very engaging and unique speeches for the event, which they then presented to a room full of other students, teachers and families from neighbouring schools. The girls found the experience very rewarding and enjoyable, and the quality of their presentations was incredibly sophisticated and clear.